A Tactical Business with Salesforce to bring the power of cloud to businesses internationally

A Tactical Business with Salesforce to bring the power of cloud to businesses internationallyOur associates are highly essential in helping our consumers exploit the value of their Cloud savings. Salesforce Technology that spans Google Analytics and Cloud have announced the strategic partnership with us for more collaborative experiences, which seems smarter for our consumers. Most of the cloud native-companies and its business partners provide unique prospects to change marketing service and sales data into enhanced business outcomes and actionable insights.

 The new association influences the entire value of Google cloud. As the features of preferred email and efficient providers, Salesforce has named G suite. Now Salesforce strategy to use Google Cloud Platform for its heart services as part of the businesses worldwide infrastructure expansion.

Our most dedicated team members are working to make new integrations that will combine Salesforce CRM with G suite. It’s only recommended for the cloud-native association’s platform and it’s typed. Basically, this will be integrated with all Google products like Google Calenders, Google Hangouts Meets, Sheets, Google Drive, Gmail, and Docs. In this article, you will learn A Tactical Business with Salesforce to bring the power of cloud to businesses internationally & what you will able to do

Salesforce Lightning for Google Sheets

In Salesforce there is always embed sheets available at anywhere and within one click you can just push your Salesforce Reports or Records to a new Excel sheet. Every update on that sheet will be updated automatically as well as simultaneously, so everybody can get latest and most updated information. Learn Salesforce Training in Chennai to know the gimmicks used in Salesforce technology.

Salesforce Lightning for Gmail

You can directly contact and interact with your customers within Salesforce using Gmail because it is a surface relevant Salesforce Customer Relationship Management data in Gmail. By the help of Salesforce Lightning for Gmail, you can sort out the high-priority email that would take your business to the next level. How to work with Customers effectively using Salesforce in Gmail, to know learn Salesforce Course in Chennai.

Google Calendar and Quick Live Apps for Google Drive

Now the Quick Live Apps will associate with Google Calendar and Google Calendar and Google Drive, it permits you to get data in an open cloud environment, more shared and embed some list of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Drive Files and Google slides or Google Calendar inside Quip. The new combination of Google Quip and Google Suite will create the modern intranet services.

Salesforce for Google Hangouts Meets

Within the Google, Hangouts Meets interface you can access the detail information about the most relevant customer, service case histories, and account details more from Salesforce CRM directly. It assists you to make the conversation even better and resolve the biggest customer service issues easily.

There are so many integrations between Salesforce and G Suite are already available in IT market, including Salesforce integration with Google Drive and Google Calendar, Lightning for Gmail. As we all expected the in-depth integrations will be rolled out in the upcoming year of 2018. To get strong knowledge in Salesforce to get unbelievable career chances learn Salesforce Training in a reputed Salesforce Training Institutes in Chennai.

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