AngularJS Frameworks

Angularjs Training in ChennaiAngularJS is a JavaScript framework which was developed by Google Engineers. AngularJS extend your HTML by creating attributes and tags.  AngularJS projects are different from JavaScript MVC frameworks, it is highly modular and the user can maintain the web in a great way. Learn and become a master in web development through AngularJS Training in Chennai. A specialist approach is helpful to learn all about web development.

Highly Testable

AngularJS uses dependency injection and it is used to make the objects simple. With AngularJS you can be designed to enhance the functionality of your app.


Modules help to organize the object in AngularJS app. It is also used in core objects.

Declarative HTML

Angular helps to extend HTML and the user can build complex web applications with additional features. Adding attributes and tags allow you to write the simple coding.

Why AngularJS is popular?

  1. AngularJS is helpful to structure the source code by following Model-View-Controller.
  2. Data based web application doesn’t need any plug-in or framework.
  3. Designers can work parallelly and HTML is used for templating.
  4. Different size project has been handled easily, the context based communication is supported by the development process.
  5. Plain Old Java Object (POJO) is used to append the properties as without any complications.

Angular 4 – It’s time to learn the updated one

Finally, Angular 4 has been launched and it is better to work with both new and older versions. Angular 4 has lots of new features and its support for different programming languages such as Typescript, ECMAScript6, etc.

Angular 4 Features and Enhancements

Angular 4 is the top JavaScript framework which helps to develop the web and mobile application. Google team has been updating the app with additional features, with this an individual can develop and perform their work in an easier way. Learn Angular 4 features and updates via AngularJS course in Chennai.

What’s new in AngularJS?

Angular 4 is flexible and fast. Here are the features of Angular 4.

Animation Package: It has been pulled out of Angular. Therefore, a developer can build the game with additional features. A developer who doesn’t use animations doesn’t get any extra modules on production.

View Engine: Lots of codes are introduced to build the web and app in the limited duration.

Parameters: HTTP requests are now simplified with parameters.

Learn more and achieve more, frameworks are mandatory for enterprise applications and functions. Every day you have to update yourself with recent innovations. Without knowledge, it is difficult to land a good profession.

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