Dot Net Training: Introduction to Asp.Net Programming Language

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Asp.Net is most popular web development language, popularly called as ASP. This high-level programming language is the part of Dot Net software Suite, developed by Microsoft Corporation. This web development language simplifies the complexity of creating dynamic web pages. When compare to .Net framework, Asp.Net is a programming language that enables the developers to create rich, elegant and dynamic web pages and desktop applications using tools like SQL Server, Visual Studio, Macromedia, Dreamweaver, etc.

Having sound knowledge on Visual Studio and SQL server is mandatory for developing fully featured application on Asp.Net programming language. Being most used programing language in web development; the demand of Asp professionals keeps on increasing. Taking Asp .Net Training in Chennai from reputed IT training institute like FITA Academy will ensure better career prospects for talented professionals.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the essential tool required for Asp.Net development.

Visual Studio:

Visual Studio is a software application that developer needs to install in personal computer to develop .net applications. This integrated development suite is developed Microsoft Corporation, which offer convenient environment for the developers to create web applications using Asp.Net programming language.

Visual Studio 2013 is the latest version, which is widely used by .net professionals across the world. This integrated development platform makes web development lot efficient and cost effective. You can make use of advanced code hinting option, IntelliTrace to import some advanced design features of Asp.Net. These features will help web developers to important structure of their data-driven web applications. Visual Studio integrated environment seamlessly integrated with other technologies from Microsoft Corporation.

SQL Server:

SQL Server is most advanced relational database management system employed to store, manage and retrieve data as needed by .Net application. This advanced database technology will allow the developers to store, find, manage, edit and delete data. Using SQL Server relational database management system, you can able to easily manage data and queries needed for processing database. SQL Server can be employed with Visual studio development suite to develop dynamic web application, which features database system. By using this database, you can easily display a table or create an online form.

Visual studio is mandatory for developers to develop or edit .net application. However, you can also choose alternative development platforms like Adobe Dreamweaver or Macromedia to design .Net application.

Being a flagship tool from Microsoft Corporation, Visual Studio is highly recommended for .net professionals to develop dynamic web pages on Asp.Net programming language. .Net training under the guidance of industry professionals helps IT aspirants to learn dot net technology from the scratch and start your career in .net development.

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