Guidelines to create great websites

Nowadays, everything has become online for our requirements. Therefore, the demand for website development for our business is increasing tremendously. It is not just a matter of creating a website simply, it is a thing of creating an attractive and useful website. Get a help through Web Designing Course in Chennai or follow the Guidelines to create great websites.

Content is the king

Even if your website is attractive, without any content it is an empty shell. Content is the king of any website. A website with high-quality content and attractive design are recognized as the great website. Ensure every page of your website has unique content.

Use your own code

Whatever may be the language PHP or HTML, Write your own code from the beginning.  If you develop your website with the pre-written code, then you will be helpless when something is wrong.  When you compose code with your own, you will have entire control in your hand.

Check for errors on your website

Sometimes, unfortunately, a simple error may lead to a high damage to the great work.  If you have an experience in webmaster, then monitor your website in regular basis for crawl errors, broken links etc.

Multiple Browsers support

Once you complete the development, make sure your website is suitable for multiple browsers that everything is visible properly. It is best to solve your problems at the initial stage of your development.

Website Responsive

The user will access your website through various devices from mobile phones to desktop. Thus, it is essential to display everything properly in all kinds of screen sizes. CSS media queries are the best way to implement responsive web design.

Colours are important

Choosing attractive colors to your website is a little bit challenging activity. Make sure you choose a color which is a contrast between background and text.


Keep in mind that user should not feel like visiting a new website every time when they open inner pages of your website. Maintain a same consistent design throughout the web pages that make navigation much easier task.


Make sure your web pages are well organized with a proper design from top-down that makes the user navigate different sections of your website.

Design of your website

The first impression is the best impression, the same thing will be followed here. Look into Guidelines to create great websites and check the overall website structure, look and feel of your website is the first thing your users will notice.

Use your creativity in web development via Web Designing Training, when your creativity joins with the best Web Design Training in Chennai you will come out with flying colors.


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