How much coding knowledge does tester require?

Do software testers have to write code when they test an application? This is a very common question arise among many software testers or a person who is interested in testing domain. Before answering this question let us have a clear discussion on different types of testing role in the industry. Software QA is split into two categories QA Analyst and SDET (Software Design Engineer in Test). Selenium is the best tool for testing an application,  take up any Selenium Training in Chennai from the reputed institute to know about testing and its tool.

QA Analyst: The main job of Quality Analyst is to verify the completeness and functionality of the test. Only after the development phase, QA verifies the software. As a developer QA role is not a technical developer and it doesn’t require programming knowledge.

SDET: SDET is a Software Design Engineer in Test and One who understands the inner workings of the product called SDET. They understand programming languages, database concepts etc. software design engineer also participates in user interfaces, product design, and data design. Thus the role of an SDET is very challenging and it requires job of both tester and developer.

Thus, based on the job role of a software tester, it can be determined whether the software testers need a programming knowledge or not? Let us answer a question How much coding knowledge does tester requires?

Credits of a Good Tester

 The methodology of a software testing differs as per the requirements of the software product. A good software tester plays an essential role in the completion of the testing process.

Credits of Good testers are:

  • Domain Knowledge
  • Logical thinking
  • Programming skills

How much coding knowledge does tester require?

Composing code and debugging is the job of a developer, then why the question arise why the coding skill is required for a tester, let us discuss some reasons that why software testers need some coding skill.

The two main operations that software testing involves are manual testing and Automation testing. The advanced level testing is split into Black Box, white box, and grey box testing.

In the process of black box testing, a tester does not require coding knowledge. Here just the testers need to check the application by inputting the data.

Code-driven testing or white box testing need programming knowledge. The knowledge like C#, C, C++, and RDMS concept etc.,

Software testers require good programming when they go for white box testing.

Testers require basic knowledge of SQL commands like select, create, update etc. since sometimes application needs database verification.

Thus, only based on the tester role, we can say whether the tester needs a coding knowledge or not. Many testing tools available like Selenium helps to enhance your testing knowledge. Improvise your skill with the help of Selenium Course in Chennai with the Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai.

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