Overview of Hadoop

Hadoop Training in Chennai

Hadoop was created by computer scientist in the year 2006 by Mike Cafarella and Doug Cutting.  It is open-source software managed by Apache Software Foundation. Data is crucial and it is produced every second that too in large quantities. This combination of data whose rate of growth and complexity is difficult to capture, process, analyzed and managed by tools and technologies are known as Big Data. Several institutes offer Hadoop Training in Chennai.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source Java programming framework that supports storage of extremely data set of data and processing in a computing environment. The core of consists of storage known as Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Some of the basic Hadoop frameworks are

  • Hadoop Common
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Hadoop YARN
  • Hadoop MapReduce


Purpose of Hadoop

Designed to be robust, it’s a way of storing enormous data across the distributed clusters of servers. It can run even on individual servers. Some of the elements of Hadoop are

  • Framework: Without the framework, you can’t develop or run the software. It is all you need to develop and run provided software applications like programs, connections etc.
  • Processing Power: Hadoop makes your budget very less but processing an enormous number of data with low-cost computers simultaneously for better rapid results.
  • Storage: Hadoop breaks the record of big data by storing a number of data in clusters of commodity hardware.
  • Open source software: It is free to use, download contribute more and more commercial versions of Hadoop available. Open source was developed by the network of developers of the world.


Why companies use Hadoop?

The main reason why companies use Hadoop is, it can process and store data very quickly. Hadoop is a key generation. Some of the benefits of Hadoop are

  • Flexibility: Databases which are traditional don’t offer much flexibility in storing a large number of data. But in case of Hadoop, you can store data even for future use whether, structured or unstructured.
  • Computing Power: Since big data is a rapid process more nodes are used similarly to its processing power by its distributed computing model.
  • Low Maintenance and Costs: Hadoop is an open free source framework and uses it’s the commodity to store large quality of data.
  • Growth: In Hadoop large quality of data can be stored, more nodes with little administration can easily maintain the growth of your system.


Future scope in Hadoop

Freshers are encouraged to start their career in Hadoop and join Best Hadoop Training in Chennai. Top companies like TCS, Wipro and much more hire freshers on Hadoop since it’s a thriving trend now. Hadoop which is an open source, distributed database model and non-relational has HBase uses a processing tool called Hive developed by Facebook on top of Hadoop Ecosystem. Build your career in Hadoop by undergoing Big Data Training in Chennai.

Benefits of Hadoop

               Cost effective: When raw data was too expensive to store, Hadoop offers extremely cost effective scale to store data. It’s a cost effective storage solution for exploding business.

            Rapid and Flexibility: It is easy to access data sources and is also called as a unique storage method. Hadoop aids business to derive precious insights from a data source such as social media and email conversation.

              Scalable: Hadoop is a scalable platform. It stores and distributes large scale data across thousands of servers that operate parallel.

Advantages of Hadoop are vast which can be discussed in Hadoop Training Chennai. It is considered as the backbone of many companies.

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