Placement Training in Chennai: Need for Softskill Training for Jobseekers and Employees

Training is probably the best investment made by an organization for betterment of their workforce and business productivity. Training programs add to the skill sets of the employee will increase the job satisfaction and the performance. Getting the anticipated results in the business is both art and science. The art can be referred as soft skills, emotional intelligence and nuance abilities. The science incorporates the technical expertise and the rest. While the science part can be taught, art will determine the personal ability of an employee.

It is often interrogated if soft skills are important if you are strong in technical aspects of your job? The answer is Incredibly YES.

Soft skill is term associated with an individual Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), social graces, and cluster of personality traits, language, communication, personal habits, friendliness and cheerfulness that represents relationship with other people. Soft skills can complement technical skills which are key requirement of jobs and many other activities. This can be related with emotions, feelings, insights and inner knowing. They offer important ideas to complement with hard skills to boost your technical skills and performance in the workplace.

Software skills are personal traits that boost an individual’s interactions, career prospects and job performance. Unlike technical skills which are about an individual skill sets and ability to perform task, whereas soft skills are the ability to interact with customers and coworkers and are highly applicable both in and out of the workplace. An individual’s soft skills are an important part of their individual contribution on the betterment of an organization. Organizations dealing with customers face-to-face can be successful, if they training their employee to use soft skills effectively.

Training for personal traits or habits such as conscientiousness and dependability can ensure significant value to your organization in boosting employee productivity. For this reason, Softskill training is increasingly required by employee in addition to the standard qualifications.  The legal profession is best example where ability to interact with people effectively and politely, more than the mere occupational skills, can determine the success of the lawyer.

Soft skills are interactive competencies, also called as interpersonal skills; they include proficiency such as communication skills, negotiation, conflict resolution, creative problem solving skills, personal effectiveness, strategic thinking, influencing skills, team building and selling skills.  These skills are based on the performance, productivity and how well the task is done. All these above mentioned tasks can be acquired using numerous ways, mainly with excellent communication, development of leadership skills. To boost your employee productivity, you need to enroll in soft skill training offered by reputed IT training and placement academy.

Here is some important skill sets incorporated in Softskill training in Chennai @ FITA:

  • Leadership
  • Basic and Advanced Communication Skills
  • Team Building
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Sales Training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem-solving and decision-taking
  • Conflict Management
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Creativity and Lateral Thinking

FITA is leading IT training and placement academy in Chennai offering Placement Training in Chennai by the corporate trainers based on the industry requirements.

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