Prime reasons to take SAS Training in Chennai at FITA

sas training in chennaiHello, in this article we shall discuss about the importance of SAS Training in Chennai and certification with a real life incident that a friend narrated.  Being a consultancy company, they were approached by a company in need of certified SAS programmers for their company on a contract job, a couple of days back. He answered yes and questioned what number was their requirement. On hearing the reply, he went speechless. Though their company was a well established and despite my friend being a SAS programmer himself, with a working experience of 15 years and holding credits for building a SAS team on the whole, he still couldn’t believe the count that was required. It was really huge. This shows the importance of being and SAS trained and certified programmer.

So what is SAS? It is a 4th gen programming language designed specifically for data analysis, which includes descriptive statistics, ETL, inferential statistics, data management, forecasting, data mining, etc. It is not SQL, which is a query language for database that is generally confused with SAS. Though SAS includes the functionalities of SQL like reading a data from the database or writing a data to a database, it is only a very atomic part when compared to SAS as a whole. Which means SAS includes the whole part of SQL in it as a procedure which is a bundle made of functionalities. Like this one procedure, there are over 300 procedures available in SAS.

Every procedure differs from other by its functionalities and also by size. Which means SQL is 1/300th part of SAS. But that doesn’t mean SAS Course in Chennai and certification would cost 300X when compared to that of SQL. It simply means mastering the whole of SAS in a lifetime is still considered impossible, unless you are some super human. Many experts in SAS admit that what they know in the programming language would hardly make up to10% of the whole of SAS.

This is because SAS is superbly huge and programmers work only on small fragments of it, say very small components. So many programmers are required even to complete one full component completely.

So this gives us the reason behind huge recruitment in SAS and FITA academy is a training institute is Chennai that provides SAS Training Institute in Chennai for SAS certification.

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