Reasons to learn Hadoop

Hadoop Training in Chennai

Today, organizations are storing their data with affordable price. With the use of Hadoop, a user can find out the click patterns, targeting, etc. Hadoop plays a major role in today’s world and it is used for data warehousing, ETL, predictive analytics and much more. Hadoop is an emerging one and now companies have to manage large-scale data operations. Apache Hadoop is a strong pillar of IT Big Data systems like – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, eBay, Cloud Era, IBM, MapR, Horton works, etc. Generally, Hadoop is an open-source framework which helps to maintain a large volume of data. Know more about Hadoop via Hadoop Training in Chennai. Specialists approach will be helpful to learn Big Data Hadoop.

Career in Hadoop

According to the recent survey, 90% of global organizations are using Hadoop to maintain their business in a perfect way. Career opportunities in Hadoop are always high and it is used in various fields like healthcare, retailers, energy, agriculture, media and much more.

Apply for Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Developer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, etc after completing the Hadoop training. Learn today and build your career in this field. If there is any software failure you can get back the data easily.

Hadoop used for

Data Warehouse –AOL, Facebook

  1. Search –Amazon, Yahoo
  2. Image and Video Analysis –New York Times
  3. Log Processing –Yahoo, Facebook

Job Opportunities

With the rising evolution of IoT, there is a huge demand for Hadoop professionals. Top companies are focusing more to improve the Hadoop functions and features, this shows the importance of Hadoop. Continuous advancement of Big Data and Hadoop gives non-stop employment opportunities.

Hadoop-related Job Roles

Organizations are now looking for the professionals for various roles.

  1. Engineers
  2. Product Managers
  3. Software Testers
  4. Database Administrator

Learn Big Data Hadoop Development through Hadoop Training Chennai. Enhance your knowledge and get your certification with FITA guidance. Every day, Hadoop field launches a new one with advanced features. Learn more and the Hadoop developer perform

  1. Input to output transformation
  2. Manage and review the log files
  3. Debug the issues in runtime
  4. Build new Hadoop clusters, etc.

Why choose Big Data?

Companies are now handling lots of data and they want to use these technologies to manage their data. Big Data is helpful to identify the customer requirements and preferences. With Big Data we can manage and safeguard the data as per our requirements.

If you’re planning to make your career in Big Data field, approach Big Data Training in Chennai. Expert guidance from top MNC’s is helpful to learn Big Data Analytics.

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