The Good & Bad Of Swift Programming Language


According to a recent survey, the US differs from other countries in terms of mobile preference. The Global Market share in Android has been increasing tremendously in recent years. IOS has been leading more than other technologies in recent years.

Nowadays, so many people prefer to have apple devices. The usage of these devices has increased. In the same way, the job for these developers has also increased. If you want to learn about mobile app development ios developer language and want to become a developer, then taking Swift Training In Bangalore will be helpful.;

What is Swift & Why Should We Use it?

This is one of the compiled programming languages for iOS and Linux applications. Below we will look at this.

This language was created by apple in the year 2014. This language was backed up by many top companies in the world. This language is set to be a dominant language beyond the world.

Open Source :

To build a defining programming language, that language should be open for all learners to learn. This language has seven years of market existence and has acquired a large supportive community with an abundance of third-party tools.

Safe :

This is one of the safest languages developers use in the IT industry. Here the syntax in swift will help you to write clean and consistent code. This language helps to prevent errors and also in improving readability.

Fast :

This language was built, giving priority to performance in mind. Not only its simple syntax and hand holding help you to develop faster, but also it lives up to its name. If you are intended to learn about this language, then going for Swift Developer Training In Bangalore will be helpful.

In Demand :

According to a recent survey, this is one of the languages which is high in demand compared to other languages.

Advantages of Swift :

Below we will look at the top advantages of the Swift language.

  • Rapid Development process.
  • Easier for scaling the product.
  • It helps in improving performance and speed.
  • Automatic Memory Management. To know more advantages of this language, enrolling on Swift Developer Course In Bangalore will be helpful.

Disadvantages of Swift :

  • This language is still new.
  • Limited talented pool.
  • Poor interoperability.
  • Incomplete cross-platform support.
  • Lack of support on earlier versions.

Conclusion :

So by, concluding the above mentioned are some of the top pros and cons of swift programming language in the Digital era. As the Swift Developer Salary for Fresher is also increasing, it’s better for a fresher to opt into this industry. If you are a newbie who is intended to learn about this language, then getting into FITA Academy will be useful.

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